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About M. Schmitt Stoneware & Ceramics

My grandfather, Nikolaus Schmitt, started selling stoneware and ceramics as long as 80 ago. Strongly committed to tradition and the outstanding quality of handmade stoneware and salt-glaze pottery, I still sell the same type of products today. Our trademark and flagship product was and continues to be the fermentation crock pot. Thanks to the excellent quality or our crocks, we now sell our goods in large numbers worldwide.

Fermentation crock pot – Organic food – Easy preservation of food products with the original fermentation crock pot with natural mud glaze made by the stoneware company “MS-Steinzeug”. Fermented vegetables made with lactic acid bacteria are organic and healthy – and easily prepared at home with the help of a fermentation crock pot. Our original sauerkraut pot with a lid and stone weights is ideally suited for organic production of food.

The MS stoneware fermentation crock is burned at 1260°C (or 2300°F) and then finished with a natural mud glaze. Fermenting sauerkraut or other vegetables in an original stoneware fermentation crock pot made by MS-Steinzeug will not interfere with the taste of the food thus prepared. Due to the proven and superior quality of our food-safe stoneware fermentation crock pots, our preserving pots are used primarily for the production of organic foodstuffs.

Our advice

Fermentation crock plus free cabbage pounder

Fermentation crock plus free cabbage pounder

65,00 EUR
Lid for fermentation pots

Lid for fermentation pots in different sizes

from 12,00 EUR
Rum pot (Rumtopf) with lid

Rum pot with lid and water trough. Decorated with fruit motif. For preserving all kinds of fruit. 3.5-liter and 5 liters (ca. 3.7 and 5.3 quarts )

from 31,00 EUR
Cabbage slicer 3 knifes 55 x 18 cm

Top-quality solid cabbage slicer, very good workmanship: Mortised sliding box and three stainless-steel blades!

25,00 EUR