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Fermentation crock / sauerkraut crock - colour: light green

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Fermentation crock / sauerkraut crock, different sizes
Stoneware fermentation crock for making sauerkraut, sour vegetables, etc. The fermentation of vegetables is among the oldest and healthiest methods of preserving food. Most people are familiar with sauerkraut, but you can also preserve red cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, peppers, broccoli, all sorts of string beans, cucumbers, onions, turnips, radishes, celery, tomatoes, beets and many other vegetables using lacto-fermentation. Home-preserved vegetables are delicious and healthy! As early as the Middle Ages, the use of sauerkraut for preventing illnesses such as scurvy was well-known and valued. Fermented vegetables have a positive effect on intestinal flora. The fermentation pot has a lid and a water trough so that it can be sealed air-tight to keep the contents fresh and palatable for a long time, with all their healthy properties.

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